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Goji Berries - Premium Quality Goji Berries
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    Tibetan Medicine
A Holistic Approach to Health
Treatment of disease and the maintenance of health are primarily a matter of bringing the various elements of the body back into balance and that is accomplished through four progressive types of treatment. The first two involve changes in the type of food we eat and the behavior we engage in. Only [if] these prove ineffective is the physician advised to prescribe medicine and only [if] this also fails is he or she to resort to external forms of treatment.
--The Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute
If the three factors of the tastes [of one’s food] and inherent qualities of one’s food and one’s behavior are wholesome, one’s health and life will flourish. If they are not, one’s health and life will be harmed.
--The Root Tantra
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Tibet Authentic is the the exclusive global distributor to the western world of the Tibetan Medical College (part owned by the Government Of Tibet). Tibet Authentic works closely with the Tibetan Medical College, The Government of Tibet and the people of Tibet to bring to the western world Tibets most beneficial, valuable products and ancient secrets like Goji Berries.. Tibet Authentic is a natural products company founded on and guided by the principles of Tibetan medicine, namely that we can lead healthy, happy lives if we approach our health in a holistic way.

Have you ever stopped to think about how quick we are to open a bottle of pain medicine, rush to the doctor for a prescription, or hunt for the nearest 24-hour pharmacy?

No one can argue - and Tibetan medical doctors wouldn't try - that the last century's advances in medicine have not saved countless lives. But still, are we too eager to look for the quick fix?

Could we be using medication to mask more fundamental problems with the way we live our liBuy Nowves?

One of the first questions a Tibetan medical doctor would ask you as a patient is about your diet. Are you giving your body the nutrients it needs and deserves? If you are like most people, you'd have to answer no.

Fortunately, our partnership with the Tibetan Medical College will make it easier for you to remedy your ailments the way a Tibetan would - by altering your diet to include more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs. Our partnership with Tibet the Tibet Medical college brings to you authentic wildly grown Goji Berries. Only Tibet Authentic wildly grown Goji Berries are certified grown and harvested in the pristine Himalayan mountains of Tibet.

In today's fast-food, pill-popping culture, few of us could honestly say that our lives - from a health perspective - are flourishing. But we have the power to change that. By taking in the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients our bodies so badly crave and by eliminating toxins from our body (which come from food grown with fertilizers and pesticides in polluted lands), we can flourish.

Presently, Goji berries have grown very popular all over the world, particularly in the North America. They are popularly appearing in snack foods in North America. The dried Goji berries are also eaten hand-to-mouth as a snack, just like raisins or other dried fruits. They are popularly used in foods because they taste like tomatoes, dates, or raisins; but lemony, a little sweet with an herbal scent. Goji berry foods are one of the popular health foods, which are sold at numerous health food stores in North America.

Allow Tibet Authentic to help you flourish. Allow us to be your gateway to a healthier, happier life - the Tibetan and the Tibet Authentic way. . .

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