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Goji Berries - Premium Quality Goji Berries
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Goji Berry Popularity

Goji berry


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Goji berries are widely cultivated for a variety of food and beverage applications within China. China exports volumes of Goji berries in form of dried berries, juice and powders of pulp or juice, to the rest of the world. Though Goji berries are now cultivated in other parts of the world, Tibet Authentic sells only genuine Tibetan Goji Berries. Goji berries are greatly valued for their versatility of color and nut-like taste, and commonly used in meals, snacks, beverages and medicinal applications.

Presently, Goji berries have grown very popular all over the world, particularly in the North America. They are popularly appearing in snack foods in North America. The dried Goji berries are also eaten hand-to-mouth as a snack, just like raisins or other dried fruits. They are popularly used in foods because they taste like tomatoes, dates,  or raisins; but lemony, a little sweet  with an herbal scent. Goji berry foods are one of the popular health foods, which are sold at numerous health food stores in North America.


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